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Creating high-end domestic CNC tools


  2016-2018 with the implementation of the 13th five year plan, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has promoted the rapid development of China's tool industry. Although there are a large number of domestic tool enterprises, most of them are in the middle and low end of the market. The market is disorderly and the high-end market is controlled by others.


  In order to break the high-end market monopolized by Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Changzhou xute Jifeng Co., Ltd. is determined to establish a modern, efficient, high-quality and high-efficiency manufacturing and sales enterprise. All kinds of cemented carbide milling and turning tools, drilling tools and special customized tools are strictly controlled in every process from the selection of tungsten steel bars to the coating process, and then to the packaging of finished products, so as to ensure that each tool can help users solve problems.


  Due to the continuous improvement of the technical level, Changzhou xute Jifeng Co., Ltd. has made great contributions to the development of domestic cutting tools to the high-end manufacturing industry, and has been recognized as a 'high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

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