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The advanced PVD coating process combines Si, A1, Ti and other metal elements to form a multi-layer nano protective film, which makes the drill bit resistant to corrosion and high temperature during processing, anti-blocking, improving surface finish, and increasing service life.

Use high-quality tungsten material, high-precision imported Germany Wlater,Australia ANCA CNC machine processing, so,the drills can get a stable dimensional accuracy and good surface quality; suitable for processing system excellent rigidity occasions.

Carbide drill Step and piont angle 140°

Special edge increase drill life

Large-size chip flutes, finely polished, avoid sticking to the knife, greatly improve work efficiency

Universal chamfered round handle, improved compatibility and avoid slippage

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1.HRC: HRC45 HRC55 HRC58 HRC60 HRC65

2.Coated: AlTiN, TiAlN, TiAISI,TiSiN, TiN, DLC,Nano, Diamond

3.Could be used for the processing of copper, cast iron, carbon steel, mould steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, tool steel, and heat-treated steel

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Step1: Milling cutter has been finished and sent to warehouse

Step2: One cutter put in a plastic pipe, 10 pieces per group bind with a rubber band

Step3: Use the air bubble paper to encase the plastic paper

Step4: Put the goods encased with air bubble paper in a small packing cartons

Step5: Put another air bubble paper on the goods and packaged

Step6: Sent by logistics company or express according to customer's need

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